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Just Listed: NW WI Chalet in the Woods Near Danbury, Minong, and Superior

The other day I had fun photographing this northwest Wisconsin chalet. It’s out in the woods just west of WI 35, not far from Danbury, Minong, and Superior. 

If you know right where to look, you’ll find it on a back road called Swedish Highway, which of course is not actually a highway. But sometimes you just never know what hidden gems you’ll discover out in the woods.  This is definitely one of them.

For more, just scroll on down. 

And then, for a YouTube video with aerial drone footage that showcases this cabin’s big-woods setting, just click here

You can also see lots more videos at that same YouTube channel.  It belongs to my Realtor wife, who’s known more widely as  Jean Hedren, your NW WI Realtor.

Accepted Offer in Two Days: NW WI Lake Home Near Minong, WI


Please enjoy these photos; I’m afraid this lake home near Minong, Wisconsin is no longer available.  It’s a beautiful home on Big Bass Lake, and it went fast.

For a peek inside, and to see a view of the lake from this home’s front yard, just scroll on down.

Bunkhouse Up North at the Cabin

Bunkhouses. They’re not just for the wild west anymore.

Traditionally, they’re a rustic barracks-like building used to house itinerant cowpokes, who were mostly single young men. Or in these here parts, a bunkhouse might have been where lumberjacks slept in a logging camp.

Now, although as far as I know the term doesn’t have an official real estate definition, it’s used to refer to an accessory building that’s something less than a “guest cabin.” A bunkhouse doesn’t have a kitchen, and may not even have a bathroom. It’s just for sleeping. (In practice, it might also be used for late-night poker parties, a place for surly teenage grandkids to hang out on rainy days, etc. That sort of thing.) 

Some, although a bit on the rustic side, are actually not too bad. Here’s an example from northwest Wisconsin.  It’s in Solon Springs on the east side of Lake Saint Croix. For a peek inside, just scroll on down.

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