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Another Delightful Cabin for Sale on Lake Saint Croix (Solon Springs, WI)

And…  Here’s that cabin next door. Although smaller, it’s quite nicely maintained and renovated. On the “cabin cuteness” scale, I’d say it scores around a 99.

For a quick look inside, just scroll on down.

Northwest Wisconsin Cabin for Sale on Lake Saint Croix (Solon Springs, WI)

I’ve just finished shooting and processing photos from this and an adjacent cabin in Solon Springs, WI. They’re on the east side of Lake Saint Croix, and both have excellent views of the lake. They’re available separately, or in a package deal that includes both cabins, both docks, and a bunkhouse for extra guests.

For a quick look inside the first cabin, just scroll on down. Next time: the cabin next door.

Little House on the Big Lake: Shell Cabin on Lake Superior Near Port Wing, Wisconsin

Yesterday I had fun photographing this cabin on the south shore of Lake Superior. It’s east of where the Brule River and the Iron River enter Lake Superior, and just west of Port Wing and Herbster. 

True, it’s a small cabin. But then on the other hand, it’s a big lake.

It’s also what they call a “shell cabin.” The outside shell is done, and the inside is framed up. That’s it. The good news: By adding the finishing touches, you get to make the cabin yours and finish it according to your own tastes and preferences.

It’s quite a spectacular location. Yesterday was calm and sunny. But when the gales of November come early, and when the waves come crashing against those rock ledges… Wow.

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