Other Writings

Slate.  Just Hit the Damn Deer.  “To learn more about the harsh realities behind those statistics, I spent an eight-hour shift riding along with Wisconsin state trooper Dean Luhman… Please understand. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. I didn’t even want a deer to get hurt. Still, if it were going to happen anyway, I wanted to see for myself how troopers work a deer crash…”

Wall Street JournalCan’t See the Forest for the Deer.  “The U.S. now has 30 million deer, a hundred times more than a century ago….  Most of us, even if we spend a fair amount of time in the woods, have never seen a forest not shaped by deer…”

Washington PostThe Humane Way to Manage Rock Creek’s Deer.  “Last month, protesters outside Rock Creek Park carried signs reading “Shame on NPS,” “Don’t Kill the Deer” and “Birth Control, Not Bullets…”

Duluth News-Tribune.  Help Deer by Skipping Shed Hunting.  “For deer here in the Northland, April is the cruelest month. Even in a normal winter, many of them survive months of subzero temperatures, belly-deep powder, and plate-glass springtime crust, only to exhaust their final reserves just before the last snows melt and the first green shoots emerge.  But this has not been a normal winter…”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  This Land is Your Land—So Show Up.  “It’s true.  Wisconsin’s wild deer belong to you.  So do its wolves, bears, eagles, and swans—and even its slightly less charismatic creatures like bullfrogs and bluegills.  They belong to you, me, and everyone else.  The state is only holding them in public trust for us.  And all those state forests and state parks?  They belong to you, too.  If you want a say in how they’re managed, here’s your chance…”  (Slightly different versions of this op-ed appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times.)

Canoe Journal.  Remembering Gene Jensen, Father of Modern Canoeing.  “Gene Jensen’s story begins and ends on the water…”

Canoe & Kayak. Gene Jensen Remembered.  “Jensen was the archetypal lone inventor working in a garage… ‘Give me six nails and a Swedish sawblade,’ he once said, ‘and I can draw anything…’  Although Jensen is best known for his racing innovations, his improved canoe designs and ergonomic bent-shaft paddles would eventually trickle down to recreational paddlers around the world…”

Cooking Wild. DEER DIY. “It’s time to demystify the disassembly of deer…”

Cooking Wild. Venison is Not Beef. “And by the way, neither are elk and antelope. Here’s how to adjust your cooking techniques accordingly…”

Deer & Deer Hunting.  Fear the Deer.  “Unfortunately, Leopold was not exaggerating when he used the word ‘decades.’  Damage done by overabundant deer can echo and reverberate through an entire ecosystem until if affects every plant, animal, and bird in the forest.  Even if we spend a fair amount of time in the woods, most of us have never seen a forest that’s not shaped by deer…”

Deer & Deer Hunting. The Angel’s Share: A Closer Look at the Whitetail’s Impact on American Agriculture. “Vintners and distillers sometimes call the amount lost from their barrels due to evaporation ‘the angels’ share.’ For farmers, the situation isn’t so different…”

Deer & Deer Hunting. Is it Time to Bring Back Market Hunting? “A key tenet of conservation holds that wildlife shall not be sold commercially…

Deer & Deer Hunting. Adult-Onset Hunting: A Closer Look at a New Movement. “New hunters are turning up in new places. They’re not children of hunters…”

Hunter’s Path/Jagdzeit.  The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: The Concept and Its Context. “Here in North America, hunters think about hunting and wildlife in ways we assume are normal, natural, and the same everywhere in the world…”

Meatpaper.  Only 500 More Bucks Until Christmas: Dispatches From Deer Season:  “Tonight it’s quiet at Hursch Meat Processing.  It will be for one more day…”

SierraSacrificial Lands: Can ORVs be put in their place?  “…When we put boulders beside the trail and planted ten-foot spruce trees, riders just pushed the rocks aside and uprooted the trees,” Manzoline says. “And the ‘No ATV’ signs? They tore them down.”