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Trego Lake Home for Sale on McKinley Lake

Earlier this week I had fun photographing this northwest Wisconsin lake home near Spooner and Trego.  Well, mostly fun.  The wind chill was a little windy and chilly while I was working on the exteriors. 

But today’s ten-day forecast looks promising, with highs in the 30s and 40s–and maybe even a little rain to start washing away all that snow.  Meanwhile, scroll on down for some warm and cozy interior shots.

For big, beautiful photos, check out my new portfolio site at

Thanks for visiting my blog, and please continue to return now and then.  Although I’ll still use this site for blogging, I’ve now created a separate portfolio site so you can enjoy big, beautiful, high-resolution versions of my photos.

The photos on this site look great on a phone, and even pretty OK on a larger screen.  But if you’re using a larger tablet, a laptop, or a desktop (especially one with a 4K or better monitor), then you’ll definitely enjoy seeing my photos at higher resolutions. 

Here’s just one example.  Even at this size, the photo above is lovely.  But at a higher resolution, when it’s filling every pixel of a 32-inch 4K monitor, it’s spectacular.  To visit my new portfolio site and see for yourself, just click on the link up above in the menu bar.

It’s been a cold winter, but lake homes are selling like hotcakes (great photos help).

Once again, it’s out with the old and in with the new.  Several homes that I photographed have either closed in recent weeks, or else have accepted offers and are on their way to closing.  That Hayward, Wisconsin lake cabin mentioned in my previous post?  It’s already sold.  Same with the Trego, Wisconsin lake home show in the photo above.  Below, photos of a few more homes that are either sold or on their way.  They’re located on Lake Nebagamon, Lower Eau Claire Lake, and Upper Saint Croix Lake.

Meanwhile, stay tuned.  More beautiful northwest Wisconsin lake homes are on the way, including one near Trego that I photographed just the other day.



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