Blog Comment Policy

I’m delighted to hear from readers who find my work thought-provoking, and I welcome your civil comments and discussion. 

I reserve the right, however, to filter or delete comments that I deem inappropriate for any reason.  In particular, I don’t welcome hate mail, name-calling, profanity, promotional spam, or personal attacks on me and other guests.

This is my blog.  My house, my rules.  I have no obligation to publish your comments.  The First Amendment gives you the right to express your opinions, even if uninformed or angrily stated, on your own blog—not on mine or anyone else’s.

Truly negative e-mails and blog comments have been quite rare, and they’re invariably from people who haven’t actually read my book.  Similarly, when correspondents are especially angry about a specific magazine article or op-ed, it’s usually obvious that they haven’t read past the headline.  Those comments are ignored.

I welcome debate.  You don’t have to agree with me, and you don’t have to agree with other commenters.  But please disagree in a way that’s respectful toward me and your fellow guests.  I am happy to exchange ideas and host interesting conversations with people who are honest, caring, and respectful.