Here in northwest Wisconsin, our peak for fall colors was probably sometime late last week.  I managed to take a little time off, and headed out one morning on a quick tour of our northwest Wisconsin neighborhood.  For a real estate photographer, it was rather a busman’s holiday.  I’m afraid I did bring cameras, including a drone.  I mean, how could I not?

I might take a camera for a walk today, but then again I might not.  Today it’s in the mid-30s.  It’s dark, gloomy, windy, and alternating between snow and rain.  Except for the snow part, that’s about what the weather’s been like for most of the week.  So a lot of the leaves you’ll see in these photos  are now on the ground.  Tomorrow will be partly cloudy (which I prefer to think of as partly sunny), and I’ll be back out photographing another new listing.  For now, please scroll on down and take a moment to enjoy your virtual fall color tour.