Last week I returned to this northwest Wisconsin lake home on Bond Lake so I could capture fresh photos of….  You guessed it.  A stairway.  This seller had freshly stained his home’s lower-level deck, and also the stairway leading down to the lake.   It was a big project, and must have taken several gallons of stain.  At least the new owners won’t need to worry about doing it again for a while.

Now, normally stairs are not something I tend to emphasize in photos.  Even if buyers enjoy exercise, they don’t always get excited about stairs.  But here’s the thing.  Yes, this home has some elevation.  And that’s also why it has such an incredible view of Bond Lake.   So for a lot of buyers, it’s an OK trade-off.

For an effortless, virtual stroll up the stairs, just scroll on down.  When you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll see what I mean about the view.