When I photographed this NW WI lake cabin in Solon Springs, it was like shooting two different cabins.  And it kind of was.  Let me explain….

Apparently about ten years ago its owners and their builders came up with an amazing idea for renovating and expanding it.  It was on a narrow lot, and the only way to add on was vertically.  But rather than adding a second story to the cabin that was already there, they added a new first story.  The builders lifted up the old cabin, built a new first story under it, and then gently lowered the old cabin down onto its new first floor.  I wish I could have seen that process.  It seems to go totally against the old “start at the bottom and work your way up” idea.

For more photos, just scroll on down.  And remember, no matter how different they may look, these are photos of the same cabin.