Yesterday morning I had fun shooting the aerials for this home overlooking a creek near Lake Nebagamon, WI.   It sits on ten acres that are bordered by a creek along the southern edge.  In between, there’s what appears to be a small whitetail Serengeti.  I spotted a few deer that spotted me first, and saw several million tracks (OK, a lot, anyway).  The sellers tell me they see lots of deer and turkey wandering around their front yard pretty much every day.  It’s quite a spot for wildlife watching.  And, as you can see in the lower-left corner of this first photo, there’s quite a pile of nicely split wood ready for this summer’s fire pit.  I’m not sure if there are trout in that creek, but it does look promising.

I photographed the interiors a couple days ago, right around dinnertime.  For me, that meant shredded wheat at four and leftover pizza at eight.  But in between, I enjoyed my fill of truly delicious late-afternoon light.  For more, just scroll on down.