As a real estate photographer, I feel it’s my job to make every home look its best.   And while luxury lake homes are a big part of our real estate market here in northwest Wisconsin, I take pride in giving more modest homes the same effort, the same artistry, and the same attention to detail.  I owe it to  these homes’ sellers, their potential buyers, and even the homes themselves. 

These homes may not be big chalets with big windows overlooking a big lake.   But people lived and loved and grew up and grew old there.  They have great memories of these homes, and soon the new owners–and maybe even their children and grandchildren–will make new memories there.  So these homes deserve a little love from my lens, too.  No snapshots, and no shortcuts.

Take this affordable home on ten acres just up the road from Trego, Wisconsin.  It’s out in the country, with plenty of privacy.  It’s seen some remodeling over the years, and the interior is tastefully done.  For this price range, it’s quite a nice home.  To see more, just scroll on down.   

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