Here’s another sale that just became official yesterday.  This lake home was sold by Jean Hedren, your Northwest Wisconsin Realtor.  It was also, as it happens, photographed by yours truly.  This historic 1926 lake home in Solon Springs, Wisconsin has a number of unique architectural features, and I made sure to showcase them in my photos.

You might call this a cottage, because back in 1926 it was built as a summer place and not as a primary residence.  But it’s not your ordinary cabin up at the lake.  It was built by Joseph Lucius, a canoe builder, contractor, and noteworthy local citizen who in 1905 was profiled in the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Lake Region.  A few excerpts: “…Since then he has lived on the Brule River, where he kept a summer resort for several years… Most of the buildings and boats on that romantic and historic stream have been built by Mr. Lucius… He is a contractor and employs a number of men… Mr. Lucius’ own residence, commenced in 1902, is an ideal rustic home, furnished both inside and outside with natural cedar.  This, as well as the club houses he has built, is fitted with water works and other modern conveniences… Mr. Lucius is a man held in great respect by all who know him, and the trust reposed in him has always been amply justified.”

Amen to that.  And this Solon Springs lake home is a great example of how the trust reposed in Mr. Lucius has always been amply justified.  (It’s also, of course, fitted with water works and other modern conveniences.)  For more, just scroll on down.