This lake home I shot the other day has a huge two-level wraparound deck overlooking Lower Eau Claire Lake.  In addition to the spectacular view, it also has a great waterfront with a sand bottom that’s perfect for swimming.

I made sure to show that in my waterfront photos, and was also careful to feature the swim ladder prominently in one of my dock shots.  Better yet, the angle of the sun and the size of the waves combined to create lovely “sunny wavelet” patterns on the bottom.  It made for one of my favorite sandy bottom shots of the entire summer.

I should explain that these shots are like kidnappers’ “proof of life” photos.  You just have to have them.  Although vegetation, gravel, and even mud might make for better fishing, many buyers are willing to pay a premium for lake homes and cabins with good swimming right in their front yard.  So whenever I’m photographing a lake home or cabin with a sand bottom out front, I make sure and get what I call the “sandy bottom shot.”

Sometimes that means crawling around on the dock and stretching over the edge to get just the right angle. So far neither I nor my camera have fallen in while doing this.  It may look odd if anyone’s watching, but the results are worth it.

For more, just scroll on down.  And at the very end…  Just about my favorite sandy bottom shot of the summer.  (So far, at least.  Let’s not rush things.  The summer isn’t over yet….)