Yesterday I had fun shooting this unique waterfront property near Minong, Wisconsin.  It’s located on five acres along the narrows between Cranberry Lake and the Minong Flowage.  Apparently the sellers’ original plan was to build a cabin with a giant garage that could hold their RV and a couple boats with room to spare.  Then later they could build their main house on a nearby site overlooking the lake.

At some point, however, they must have said “What the heck!  This will do just fine.”  They even added a small guest cabin with a wood stove.  The main cabin is insulated, nicely finished, and can be used year-round.  It has its own wood stove, but also in-floor heating as its main source of heat.

If that’s too frilly for you, there’s a splendid man-cave out in the garage.  It includes its own beer fridge and pizza oven.  (The workshop is nearby.  But remember: Power tools first, beer later.)   And if it’s not quite enough cabin for you, then that adjacent building site on this same property is still there.  Maybe a little to the left of the fire pit.

For more photos, just scroll on down.  I promise you beer, but not until the final photo.