Speaking of Fawns That Are Not Abandoned…


fawn not abandoned, copyright Al Cambronne

Speaking of fawns that are not abandoned…  Here’s one we spotted the other day, right at the edge of our lawn.  No, we did not “rescue” it.  And yes, the next day I did finally cut the grass.  When does hide fawns in your lawn, that means it’s time.

© 2013 Al Cambronne


Author: alcambronne

Retired photographer, author, and cancer survivor living in northwest Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Fawns That Are Not Abandoned…”

  1. I was out trout fishing on Thursday and as I was driving out of the Kinnikinnic valley at 1 in the afternoon, for whatever odd reason, a doe and a fawn crossed the road – amazing how fast the tiny fawn could run at a few weeks old !

    1. Yes, it’s amazing. I read somewhere–can’t remember quite where–that fawns can outrun a human when they’re less than a week old!

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