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DEERLAND press release

To request a review copy of DEERLAND, or to arrange an author interview or guest appearance, please contact Lyons Publicist Jessica DeFranco at jessica [dot] defranco [at] globepequot [dot] com.  You can also reach her at (203) 458-4646.

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Al Cambronne                      Al Cambronne                    Al Cambronne
Author Photo (47 KB)        Author Photo (80KB)        Author Photo (905KB)

Al Cambronne author photo (47 KB)Al Cambronne author photo (80 KB)   Al Cambronne Author Photo (905 KB)





A Forest With Too Many Deer (2.6MB)

Forest With Too Many Deer


Deer on the Right, No Deer on the Left (2.4MB)

Deer on the rt, no deer on left