Kimball Lake Resort (Minong, Wisconsin)

I’m just finishing up a major photo project for Jean Hedren, my Realtor wife.  It’s the Kimball Lake Resort near Minong, Wisconsin.  (For more on this and other recent listings, you can visit Jean’s blog and website over at

The Kimball Chain of Lakes is in northwest Wisconsin; it’s several miles west-northwest of Minong.  If you’re familiar with the area, it’s west of Gilmore Lake, southwest of the Minong Flowage, and northeast of Nancy Lake.  It includes three lakes–Upper Kimball Lake (44 acres), Middle Kimball Lake (98 acres), and Lower Kimball Lake (129 acres).

Kimball Lake Resort is on Lower Kimball Lake.  In addition to the owners’ home and office pictured above, the resort includes five cabins on 139 acres and around 560 feet of shoreline.  Four are vintage cabins that have been recently updated, and the fifth was just built in 2001.  So photographing the home, the cabins, the woods, and the waterfront was a big project, almost like five or six “normal” photo shoots.

I’m still working on a few of the remaining photos, but maybe it’s time for a little blogging break.   For a sneak peek at the Kimball Lake Resort’s cabins and waterfront, just scroll on down.

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Chalet for Sale on Trego Lake (Trego, Wisconsin)

The other day I had fun photographing this chalet on Trego Lake near Trego, Wisconsin.  Trego Lake is a flowage that’s formed upstream of a dam on the Namekagon River, and it tends to be a fairly quiet lake.  This lake home has views of the water from almost every room.  For more, just scroll on down.

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Lake Home for Sale on Lower Eau Claire Lake (Gordon, Wisconsin)

The other day I had fun photographing this charming lake home on Lower Eau Claire Lake in Gordon, Wisconsin.  This northwest Wisconsin cabin has a great view and a great waterfront; it’s close to the water, and out front there’s a sand bottom that’s great for swimming.

Clear water?  Yup.  That’s how the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes got its name.  Although these are big lakes, this home is located on a quiet corner of Lower Eau Claire Lake; the entire time I was shooting exteriors on the lake side, I was being watched by a pair of loons that was bobbing up and down in the waves just off shore.

The cabin itself isn’t bad, either.  In recent years it’s been totally updated.  In particular, its dining room overlooking the lake was quite spectacular.  To see for yourself, just scroll on down.


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Log Home on Trego Lake Gets Its Spring Update (Trego, Wisconsin)

Although this log home for sale in Trego, Wisconsin hasn’t been on the market all that long, the scenery here in northwest Wisconsin has changed dramatically during the past month or two.  The ice is out, the snow is gone, the trees are budding, and the grass is greening up.  So it was time for this log home on Trego Lake to get its spring photo update.

Fortunately or unfortunately…  This place has such great views, even from the lower-level rec room, that I also needed to redo a few of the interiors.  (In the old ones, there was lots of snow visible outside those windows.)  But it was definitely worth the trip.  For more, just scroll on down.


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Trego Log Home in the Trees (Trego, Wisconsin)

The other day I had fun shooting this log home for sale near Trego, Wisconsin.  (Trego is in northwest Wisconsin.  It’s just north of Spooner, and lies southwest of Hayward and Cable, south of Minong and Solon Springs, and southeast of Danbury and Webb Lake.)

This home is in a great setting–out in the country and in a clearing amid several wooded acres.  It was great to see all those exposed logs and beams, both inside and out.  It’s a beautiful home that was definitely ready for its close-up.

If you’re shopping for an affordable log home in northwest Wisconsin, and if this one looks interesting, then head on over to  Or, for more fun photos, just scroll on down.


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Lake Cabin With Cavernous Garage on Cranberry Lake/Minong Flowage (Minong, WI)

Yesterday I had fun shooting this unique waterfront property near Minong, Wisconsin.  It’s located on five acres along the narrows between Cranberry Lake and the Minong Flowage.  Apparently the sellers’ original plan was to build a cabin with a giant garage that could hold their RV and a couple boats with room to spare.  Then later they could build their main house on a nearby site overlooking the lake.

At some point, however, they must have said “What the heck!  This will do just fine.”  They even added a small guest cabin with a wood stove.  The main cabin is insulated, nicely finished, and can be used year-round.  It has its own wood stove, but also in-floor heating as its main source of heat.

If that’s too frilly for you, there’s a splendid man-cave out in the garage.  It includes its own beer fridge and pizza oven.  (The workshop is nearby.  But remember: Power tools first, beer later.)   And if it’s not quite enough cabin for you, then that adjacent building site on this same property is still there.  Maybe a little to the left of the fire pit.

For more photos, just scroll on down.  I promise you beer, but not until the final photo.


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NW WI Lake Home With Great View of Lake Nebagamon

Last week I shot this NW WI lake home with a great view of Lake Nebagamon.  I noticed that the ice was almost out that day, and I knew I’d be back in the neighborhood two days later.  It was definitely worth swapping in a fresh photo; notice the difference between those last two shots.  What a difference two days can make!  Yes.  It’s spring.

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