Cabin With Spectacular Views on South Shore of Lake Superior (Port Wing, WI)

On Monday I had the pleasure of photographing this charming cabin on the south shore of Lake Superior.  I didn’t really mind laboring on Labor Day.  It was a fun shoot, the seller was delightful, and it was a great day on the greatest of the Great Lakes.  And by the time we finished up that afternoon, most of the tourists were already on their way home after the big holiday weekend.  So on our own return journey, we had the roads pretty much to ourselves.

All in all, it was a truly Superior experience.  (And did I mention that the cabin is on Lake Superior?)  For more photos, just scroll on down.

And finally, if you’d like to schedule a showing…   Just contact the listing agent at  Meanwhile, you can visit her blog and website at For videos of this and other spectacular properties, check out Jean’s YouTube channel at Jean Hedren, Your NW WI Realtor.


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Lake Home for Sale on Lower Eau Claire Lake (Gordon, WI)

This lake home I shot the other day has a huge two-level wraparound deck overlooking Lower Eau Claire Lake.  In addition to the spectacular view, it also has a great waterfront with a sand bottom that’s perfect for swimming.

I made sure to show that in my waterfront photos, and was also careful to feature the swim ladder prominently in one of my dock shots.  Better yet, the angle of the sun and the size of the waves combined to create lovely “sunny wavelet” patterns on the bottom.  It made for one of my favorite sandy bottom shots of the entire summer.

I should explain that these shots are like kidnappers’ “proof of life” photos.  You just have to have them.  Although vegetation, gravel, and even mud might make for better fishing, many buyers are willing to pay a premium for lake homes and cabins with good swimming right in their front yard.  So whenever I’m photographing a lake home or cabin with a sand bottom out front, I make sure and get what I call the “sandy bottom shot.”

Sometimes that means crawling around on the dock and stretching over the edge to get just the right angle. So far neither I nor my camera have fallen in while doing this.  It may look odd if anyone’s watching, but the results are worth it.

For more, just scroll on down.  And at the very end…  Just about my favorite sandy bottom shot of the summer.  (So far, at least.  Let’s not rush things.  The summer isn’t over yet….)

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Life’s a Beach at This Home For Sale on Upper Eau Claire Lake

At this house on Upper Eau Claire Lake, your own private beach begins the moment you step off your front porch.  You can’t see much of this front yard from the air, but those tall pines mean your beach will have a little shade on warm summer afternoons.  (Plus, the lake is only a few steps away if you need a quick dip to cool off even more.)  And the view of the lake from the house is still spectacular.  For more, just scroll on down.

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Beautiful Waterfront Home for Sale on Nelson Lake (Hayward, WI)

The other day I had fun shooting this luxury lake home on Nelson Lake near Hayward, Wisconsin.  Above: a pretty good great room.  Next: a sunny sun porch.  In that photo, the sign above the window pretty much tells the story.  “By the Lake.”  Yes.  By the Lake.  For more, just scroll on down.


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Vintage Cottage on Upper Saint Croix Lake (Solon Springs, Wisconsin)

The other day I had fun shooting this unique 1926 lake cottage in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love photographing the usual luxury lake homes, log homes, and timber frame homes with their exposed beams, walls of glass facing the lake, and more granite countertops than you can shake a stick at.  We have plenty of those here in northwest Wisconsin, and I love them.  But variety is good, and this place has some features that are truly unique.

You might call it a cottage, because back in 1926 it was built as a summer place and not as a primary residence.  But it’s not your ordinary cabin up at the lake.  It was built by Joseph Lucius, a canoe builder, contractor, and noteworthy local citizen who in 1905 was profiled in the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Lake Region.  A few excerpts: “…Since then he has lived on the Brule River, where he kept a summer resort for several years… Most of the buildings and boats on that romantic and historic stream have been built by Mr. Lucius… He is a contractor and employs a number of men… Mr. Lucius’ own residence, commenced in 1902, is an ideal rustic home, furnished both inside and outside with natural cedar.  This, as well as the club houses he has built, is fitted with water works and other modern conveniences… Mr. Lucius is a man held in great respect by all who know him, and the trust reposed in him has always been amply justified.”

For details, or to schedule a showing of this unique property, contact listing agent Jean Hedren.  She’s at (218) 590-6634 or   Meanwhile, for more photos, just scroll on down.

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Drone Photos and Summer Refresh for Luxury Lake Home on Upper Eau Claire Lake (Barnes, Wisconsin)

Last week this northwest Wisconsin luxury lake home on Upper Eau Claire Lake was ready for its summer refresh.   I started with drone photos, and then captured fresh exteriors and waterfront shots with my “regular” camera.  When I got back to the office and started downloading these photos…  I’ll have to admit, I kind of liked what I saw.

It was a calm, sunny morning with barely a ripple out there–perfect conditions for verifying that the Eau Claire chain of lakes lives up to its name.  (Eau Claire, as you’ve probably guessed, is French for “Water Clear.”  And it is.)  To see a few photos showing exactly how clear that water is in Upper Eau Claire Lake, just scroll on down.

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Beautiful Drone Photos of NW WI Lake Home in Voyager Village

The other day I had fun shooting this lake home in Voyager Village.  It’s in a great location, right at the head of Loon Lake.  (Voyager Village is in northwest Wisconsin, not far from Webb Lake and about halfway between Minong and Danbury.)  We had some fun clouds that day, which made for lovely exteriors.  This home also presented the opportunity for some nice interior shots with great views of the lake.  For more, just scroll on down.

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