Thankful For My Propane Portfolio


I am counting my blessings one day early.  To celebrate, here are three ugly photos of propane gauges.  Let me explain…

I’m thankful that over the past year or two I’ve been able to learn a lot about real estate photography–especially interiors.  Although my photos don’t get all the credit, they may have helped my Realtor wife sell a few more houses, and I’m thankful that we’ve had a good year.

In addition to photography, I often help with more mundane chores like reading the gauges on propane tanks.  Whenever a house has a propane tank, this has to happen two or three days before the sale closes.  First, I take a photo with my phone and e-mail it back to the office.  My wife then checks on the day’s propane prices, does a little calculating, and passes along the photo and the numbers.  All this happens before I even make it back home.  I’m thankful that we’ve had to do this quite frequently during the past few months.

I rarely save these photos, so I don’t actually have a literal propane portfolio.  But if I did, the next two might be keepers.  First, there’s this one that includes a friendly tree frog.  He’s trying to hide in the shadows, down in the lower-left corner.  He was thankful when I gently closed the lid and left him in peace.


Finally, there’s this one that shows the beginning of a wasp nest.  Although this particular nest is still tiny, there was that other one I found a couple months ago….  It was about the size of my head, and it nearly filled the inside of the lid.  Its thousands of residents were not happy when I lifted that lid.   So I’m thankful that sometimes even the most routine tasks can become more exciting than expected.  You just never know.


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Sold On Nelson Lake

Nelson Lake Living Room, Copyright Al Cambronne

I shot this home near Hayward, Wisconsin over a year ago, back in the fall of 2015.  We were planning ahead so the listing wouldn’t feature wintry photos when it appeared in early spring.  It worked.

This chalet on Nelson Lake sold just yesterday, and at this very moment its previous owners are driving toward their new home in Arizona.  Meanwhile, right now I suspect its new owners are taking rather too many breaks from their unpacking to enjoy these views of Nelson Lake.

Nelson Lake patio, copyright Al Cambronne

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Vintage Summer Cottage in Solon Springs, WI

Solon Summer Cottage

The other day I shot this well-preserved summer cottage that was built in 1904.  They don’t make ’em like they used to.  Scroll on down for more, and be sure to check out that final photo. At this cabin all the children have been above average in height since 1911.

(Unfortunately the cabin is no longer available; it sold within two days of its listing.)

Porch 1

Porch 2

cottage LR A

cottage LR B

cottage kitchen

above average since 1911

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More Lake-Home Goodness on McKinley Lake Near Trego, WI

Chalet on McKinley Lake

A few days ago I photographed this splendid chalet on McKinley Lake near Trego, Wisconsin.  Scroll on down for a look inside.

McKinley Living Room

McKinley Dining Room

Kitchen with a view

Loft on the Left

Loft on the Right


McKinley -- View from the Loft


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High Water in Northwest Wisconsin

Minong Flowage Dam

Here in northwest Wisconsin, we’ve experienced some high water and localized flooding after last week’s big rains.   Although the floodwaters are already receding, it’s going to take a while to get rid of all this water.  Here are a few photos from around the area. The first two are at the Minong Flowage dam.

Minong Flowage Dam closer look

0715 totagatic looking downstream

The Totagatic, just downstream from the Minong Flowage dam.

0715 Narrows Trail Bridge

Gilmore Lake was hit especially hard when the dam burst at Colton Flowage.  This shot shows the submerged bridge between Gilmore and Little Gilmore.

0716 boaters beware

Upper Saint Croix Lake has crested, but most docks are still submerged.  Boaters beware; not all docks have these tell-tale benches out at the end.  And please…  Keep your speed down to a crawl.  At these water levels, boat wakes can cause serious damage.


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A Lovely Chalet on Big Bass Lake

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely chalet on Big Bass Lake near Minong, Wisconsin. (With the next shot, I hoped to send a subtle subliminal message about fishing in your new front yard for the big bass found in Big Bass Lake.)   Scroll on down for more, including a couple shots of the lake itself.

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Something to Do on a Rainy Day

porch on nelson lake

Photo shoots can’t always be scheduled for a perfect sunny day.  When my Realtor wife listed this cabin on Nelson Lake near Hayward, Wisconsin, she needed photos fast.

It was a dark and stormy day.  But so what?  Long rainy days relaxing up at the cabin are all part of the experience.  And perhaps, on those days in particular, refreshments are quite often served before five.

So I decided to go with that vibe.  Time for a jigsaw puzzle.  And maybe this isn’t a night for steaks on the grill after all.  Tomorrow.  No matter what, it’s still going to be a great vacation.  That’s the story these photos tell.

(And although this cabin’s rainy-day exteriors turned out OK, I did return a week later for a sunny refresh.  Scroll on down for sunshine.)

Nelson Lake Porch 2

Nelson Lake Living Room

Hard Rock Circle A

Hard Rock Dock

Hard Rock Waterfront

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