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Every picture tells a story, and the best real estate photos tell love stories.  You might call them. . . .  Real estate romances. 

If you were single and needed a photo for your online dating profile, would you use the one on your driver’s license?  How about your mug shot from that one time when the party got a little too wild?  Probably not.  You’d go for something a little more flattering.

Selling a home is no different.  After all…  Everyone wants to live and love in a bright, sunny, happy place with a great view.  But no one ever fell in love with a floorplan.

So I need to do more than just document rooms and structures.  I need to give buyers a sense of what it feels like to actually be there. I help them imagine swimming in your lake, sitting on your dock, relaxing on your deck, and cooking dinner in your kitchen.  Making your home their home.  I make them fall in love.

As a real estate photographer, it’s my job to inspire desire.  And with the lake homes and cabins we’re selling here in northwest Wisconsin, that usually involves a certain degree of lake lust.  Most homes I photograph have great views, and those views are a big part of what we’re selling.

That’s why I work hard to create beautifully composed and lighted interiors whose windows bring the outside in.  It requires tremendous attention to detail during the shoot, and then later even more work in post.  Creating beautiful, natural-looking images like these takes hard work that can’t be replaced by software shortcuts.  The difference is more than just artsy or technical, and it’s a difference that really matters.

And starting in 2017…  I’m now creating aerial photos and video.  Last winter I passed my Part 107 test, and I’m now an FAA-certified Remote Pilot who can legally fly small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for commercial purposes.

(As of August 29, 2016, a Realtor or photographer must possess a Remote Pilot Certificate before they can legally use a drone to capture aerial photos or video that will be used to market your home.  It doesn’t matter if no money changes hands; the FAA clearly defines real estate photography as a “commercial purpose,” and even uses it as a key example of the difference between commercial and recreational flight.  Liability for unauthorized operations can fall on both the pilot and the person who hires the pilot.)

Although aerial photos and video still have novelty value, it’s no longer enough to send up a drone and press a button.  This isn’t a job for your neighbor’s teenager who loves drones, phones, and video games.  It’s a job for a skilled real estate photographer who occasionally uses a camera that happens to be mounted on a flying tripod.  Just as with terrestrial photography, there’s more to this than just buying a camera and clicking a button.    That’s why we’re willing to fly the extra mile for our clients.

At present I’m doing this sort of work for only one Realtor: my wife, Jean Hedren.  She’s been keeping me busy.  You can visit her online at Edina Realty and at her Northwest Wisconsin Realtor blog and website.  While you’re at it, check out her YouTube channel at Jean Hedren, Your NW Wisconsin Realtor.

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