The other day I had the pleasure of photographing this modest but charming home for sale on the Gordon Flowage, which is also known as the Saint Croix Flowage (not to be confused with Upper Saint Croix Lake, which is upstream a ways in Solon Springs, Wisconsin).  This lake home is located just upstream of where the Saint Croix River flows into the Gordon Flowage.  But since the current is already slack here, it’s easy to boat out into the Flowage and then return home.  Even if you’re paddling, the current isn’t too bad on the way back up.

(If you’re not from around here, you might be unfamiliar with the term “flowage,” which is often used to describe lakes formed upstream of dams.  You’d think they might be called “stillages,” since there’s actually less current on a flowage. Apparently the term’s origin has to do with what happens right after a dam is built.  The water rises, and then it flows onto adjacent land.  That land is now underwater, covered by the… flowage.”  Other flowages in this area include the Chippewa Flowage, the Trego Flowage, and the Minong Flowage.)

Anyway…  I kind of meandered off into an explanatory backwater there.  Back to the flow of my story.  This lake home on the Gordon Flowage is in quite a nice spot.  To learn more, visit  Or, for now…  To see more, just scroll on down.