upper eau claire shady shoreline

Winter arrived late this year. But it’s here now.  At this very moment, the scene outside my window looks nothing like this. Our lake was still ice-free less than a week ago; every night through our open window we heard trumpeter swans trumpeting softly as the waves disturbed their sleep.  But right now, just down the bay, ice fishermen are venturing out.  They feel the ice is probably thick enough.  And maybe it is.

I’m not going to show you that.  Instead, here a few scenes from a home I shot last July on northwest Wisconsin’s Upper Eau Claire Lake.  I remember the day. It was humid and in the upper 90s.  To get just the right angles, I was clambering around in the sun on this hillside for a little too long.  Since I was on the job, it wouldn’t have really been appropriate for me to put down my camera and jump in the lake.  But I was tempted.  And that hot tub in the next photo was definitely not on the agenda.

If, like me, you already need a break from your first taste of winter, scroll on down for more…

hot tub overlooking upper eau claire

patio overlooking upper eau claire

shady dock on upper eau claire