SOLD on Lower Eau Claire Lake

A while back, I had the pleasure of photographing this modest but charming cabin on Lower Eau Claire Lake in Barnes, Wisconsin.  It’s just been sold by my Realtor wife, Jean Hedren.  (You can visit her website at

For an affordable price, this cabin’s new owners will enjoy one of the best views on Lower Eau Claire Lake.  If you’re not them, and if you’re not even here in northwest Wisconsin, you can at least enjoy their view vicariously.  For more, just scroll on down.


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New and Improved on Gilmore Lake

osprey lake living room, copyright al cambronne

Last week I had a chance to reshoot this lovely home on Gilmore Lake near Minong, Wisconsin.  That doesn’t happen often; it’s a long story, but here’s the short version: back in July, 12″ of rain in one night.  Burst dam upstream, lake momentarily up several feet, house all fixed up and better than ever, and now it’s finally ready for its close-up.  The lower level now has brand new, minty-fresh sheet rock and flooring–plus a new furnace, water heater, and all that other infrastructure-type stuff.  While they were at it, the sellers also did a few renovations upstairs.  The house is now better than it ever was.  For more photos, just scroll on down.

osprey lane rec room, copyright al cambronne

osprey dining room, copyright al cambronne

osprey kitchen, copyright al cambronne

gilmore lake bedroom, copyright al cambronne

gilmore lake exterior, copyright al cambronne


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As much as I enjoy winter…

upper eau claire shady shoreline

Winter arrived late this year. But it’s here now.  At this very moment, the scene outside my window looks nothing like this. Our lake was still ice-free less than a week ago; every night through our open window we heard trumpeter swans trumpeting softly as the waves disturbed their sleep.  But right now, just down the bay, ice fishermen are venturing out.  They feel the ice is probably thick enough.  And maybe it is.

I’m not going to show you that.  Instead, here a few scenes from a home I shot last July on northwest Wisconsin’s Upper Eau Claire Lake.  I remember the day. It was humid and in the upper 90s.  To get just the right angles, I was clambering around in the sun on this hillside for a little too long.  Since I was on the job, it wouldn’t have really been appropriate for me to put down my camera and jump in the lake.  But I was tempted.  And that hot tub in the next photo was definitely not on the agenda.

If, like me, you already need a break from your first taste of winter, scroll on down for more…

hot tub overlooking upper eau claire

patio overlooking upper eau claire

shady dock on upper eau claire

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Thankful For My Propane Portfolio


I am counting my blessings one day early.  To celebrate, here are three ugly photos of propane gauges.  Let me explain…

I’m thankful that over the past year or two I’ve been able to learn a lot about real estate photography–especially interiors.  Although my photos don’t get all the credit, they may have helped my Realtor wife sell a few more houses, and I’m thankful that we’ve had a good year.

In addition to photography, I often help with more mundane chores like reading the gauges on propane tanks.  Whenever a house has a propane tank, this has to happen two or three days before the sale closes.  First, I take a photo with my phone and e-mail it back to the office.  My wife then checks on the day’s propane prices, does a little calculating, and passes along the photo and the numbers.  All this happens before I even make it back home.  I’m thankful that we’ve had to do this quite frequently during the past few months.

I rarely save these photos, so I don’t actually have a literal propane portfolio.  But if I did, the next two might be keepers.  First, there’s this one that includes a friendly tree frog.  He’s trying to hide in the shadows, down in the lower-left corner.  He was thankful when I gently closed the lid and left him in peace.


Finally, there’s this one that shows the beginning of a wasp nest.  Although this particular nest is still tiny, there was that other one I found a couple months ago….  It was about the size of my head, and it nearly filled the inside of the lid.  Its thousands of residents were not happy when I lifted that lid.   So I’m thankful that sometimes even the most routine tasks can become more exciting than expected.  You just never know.


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Sold On Nelson Lake

Nelson Lake Living Room, Copyright Al Cambronne

I shot this home near Hayward, Wisconsin over a year ago, back in the fall of 2015.  We were planning ahead so the listing wouldn’t feature wintry photos when it appeared in early spring.  It worked.

This chalet on Nelson Lake sold just yesterday, and at this very moment its previous owners are driving toward their new home in Arizona.  Meanwhile, right now I suspect its new owners are taking rather too many breaks from their unpacking to enjoy these views of Nelson Lake.

Nelson Lake patio, copyright Al Cambronne

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Vintage Summer Cottage in Solon Springs, WI

Solon Summer Cottage

The other day I shot this well-preserved summer cottage that was built in 1904.  They don’t make ’em like they used to.  Scroll on down for more, and be sure to check out that final photo. At this cabin all the children have been above average in height since 1911.

(Unfortunately the cabin is no longer available; it sold within two days of its listing.)

Porch 1

Porch 2

cottage LR A

cottage LR B

cottage kitchen

above average since 1911

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More Lake-Home Goodness on McKinley Lake Near Trego, WI

Chalet on McKinley Lake

A few days ago I photographed this splendid chalet on McKinley Lake near Trego, Wisconsin.  Scroll on down for a look inside.

McKinley Living Room

McKinley Dining Room

Kitchen with a view

Loft on the Left

Loft on the Right


McKinley -- View from the Loft


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